Photography Tips

Here are some of the basic rules in getting great photos with your film or digital camera no matter if you have a throw away or a $10,000 camera the basic rules are the same.

Rule #1 Make sure you carry with you extra batteries and an extra roll of film or SD Card, always clean your camera lens with a clean soft cotton cloth before you start taking photos, ( t-shirts works just fine). No one likes to get home after a wonderful vacation or that special event only to have a smug on the lens which translates to a blurry spot on ALL your images.

Rule #2- Find subjects you like such as, Old Barns, that unique close-up, Flowers, animals, people, skyscrapers, lakes, your family memories, etc, etc...The great thing with digital there is no cost for film. I hope my photographs will help you find your passion.

Rule #3 take as many photos as you can, from different angles at the locations you choose and record onto the memory card.
Find an editing program to fine tune your images. I use a very user friendly one call: Picasa by Google and best part it is FREE.

Rule #4- When taking photos outside ALWAYS be careful where you are stepping, standing or what you are leaning on because by having sure footing always make for a better image and keeps you safe. Get yourself a Mono-Pod as it is one of the most valuable support tools you'll ever need and it also doubles as a walking stick. Always Remember: SAFTEY FIRST.

Rule #5- Keep the sun at your back when you can or stand in the shade if possible.

Rule #6- Try to divide your picture into 3 parts, such as foreground, middle ground and background, try not to center a focal point, like people, building etc. Look for balance in your photos.

Remember to have fun with your photography and the best way to improve is to take lots and lots of photos.

Please check back from time to time for more free photography tips.

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Remember: It's the journey, not how fast you get there...Just take lots of pictures as it is better to have more than not enough of those special moments that you cherish.

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